Quit Qui Oc Athletic Alliance, Inc. (QQOAAI) is a community based group recognized as a 501(c)(3) organization and organized for charitable and educational purposes.  Our mission is to provide supervised training, education and encouragement of overall physical and mental wellness among families in our community.


Our primary activity is to design and coordinate training and education in a variety of sport activities thus leading to performance excellence, safe play and optimum enjoyment.  A major part of this pursuit is the development of an athletic complex which will conveniently serve the broader community and extend the network of facilities that are publicly owned and/or operated by the school district.


Operating with a board of directors chosen from the community, QQOAAI owns all assets of the athletic complex and has a full-time manager (Terri Schumacher) responsible for up keep of the facilities and development and training.  Ongoing operations are funded through modest usage fees, grants from other charitable organizations and contributions from businesses and individuals.



Lee Gentine - President

Todd Neils - Vice-President

Nathan Volkomener - Treasurer

Terri Schumacher - Secretary (non board member)


Tony Remimus

Sara Baltus

Dave Klecka

Ellie Giebler

Ryan Schmidt

Teresa Van Horn

 Katy Cain

Mike Kertscher



Thank You out Past Board Directors:

Mary Albright

Kent Augustine

Dan Counselman

Ken Ebbott

Tammy Flora

Mark Gumm

Sherry Joseph

Sue Raeder

Patrick Trotter

David Andrews

Tony Miller 

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